St Patrick's Staff

At St Patrick’s Catholic College Sutherland, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Ms Janine Kenney
Assistant Principal Mr Declan Donohue
Religious Education Coordinator Mr Daniel Curran
Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Shannon Gee
Pastoral Care Coordinator Mrs Renae Kennedy 
Teaching and Learning Coordinator Mrs Jenni Oxnard
Administration Coordinator Mr Christopher Duncombe
Business Manager Mrs Jodie Alvaro
Strategy, Policy and Governance Coordinator Mrs Jessica Fraser
Religious Education Assistant Miss Victoria Costello
English Mrs Lisa Castillo
English Assistant
Mathematics Mrs Megan Shipard
Mathematics Assistant Mr David Di Donato
Science Mrs Jennifer Ming
Science Assistant Mrs Sylvia Eleftheriades
HSIE Mr Michael Donnelly
HSIE Assistant Mrs Kathryn Petrakis
Technologies Mr Scott Trudgeon
Technologies Assistant Mr Matthew Cook
PDHPE Mr John Kelly
Creative Arts Mrs Robyn Morrell
Vocational Education and Training Mr Scott Trudgeon
Dunlea Mr Christopher Postill
Gilroy Mr Peter Strudwick
Leary Mr Mitchell O’Brien
MacKillop Mrs Bernadette Trudgeon
Nagle Ms Rebecca Hines
O’Connor Mrs Connie Pikis
Rice Mr James Moore
Wiltshire Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Diverse Learning Needs Mrs Jayne Giles
Curriculum Administrator Mr Simon Livesey
Languages Ms Angelica Di Mele
Careers Mrs Vicki Hedges
Youth Ministry Ms Emma Honey
Social Justice Mr Ian Anderson
Counsellor (Wed, Thu, Fri) Mrs Rose Hughes
Counsellor (Mon, Tue, Wed) Ms Lillian Mai
Librarian Mrs Alexandra Greenlees
Grade Sport Mr Rick Joyce
Internal Sport Mrs Donna Franke
Band Director Mrs Deborah Gray
Newman Selective Mr Craig Haran
Debating and Public Speaking Ms Alex Dahdah
Duke of Edinburgh Mr Lucio Pagano
General Enquiries 02 9542 9000
Principal’s Executive Assistant Mrs Amanda Goodman
College Bursar Mrs Anna Slobodzian