In Australia, clean, fresh water is something that we take for granted. However, every day, thousands of women and children worldwide need to cover many, often dangerous kilometres, collect water for cooking, drinking, and washing. Even though this water is generally unsafe to drink, it is still undertaken each day by individuals and often by young girls at the cost of an education. 

Caritas K’s walkathon was an opportunity for our students to walk in solidarity with those in our world who walk each day to survive. During the walk, each PC class carried a bucket of water to show that when they are walking, they are saying,

I want to know how you feel. I am by your side walking with you 

We hope that in taking these steps and making a donation of money and time, we inspire students to “be more” for the poorest in our world.

To date, we have raised in excess of $20,000 for Caritas.