St Patrick’s College, Sutherland is undertaking a significant building program to create a suite of new facilities and learning spaces.

In January 2020, substantial demolition was completed on the Rice campus to prepare the site.  With a respect for the stewardship of resources and sustainability, the College was able to donate furniture and fittings from the demolished classrooms to several Catholic schools in Samoa.

Since then, our architects and builders have been working hard toward constructing vibrant and innovative learning spaces that enhance learning and teaching.

Upon completion at the end of 2021, the new five-story building will include:

  • General learning spaces which consider individual learning preferences
  • State of the art science laboratories, including outdoor rainforest and woodland eco areas
  • Hospitality, Food Technology and Textile classrooms to accommodate creative and productive learning

The video at the link shows the progress to date:

Click here to view the video of the new building progress




Mrs Jodie Alvaro

Business Manager